Legislative Action Team

At least one committee member shall be present at each Legislative Action team meeting and report back to the membership.The team is to bring back information about the current issues in legislation and any pertinent information that may be needed to take action. The team member will organize the membership to take action.


The committee shall consist of five or seven members, one of whom is the chairperson. In addition, the President may serve as one of the five or seven voting members. In the case of Co-Presidents, one may serve as one of the five or seven voting members and one may serve as an ex-officio member.Every effort will be made to have the members represent the following areas: Grades Pre-K-5, Grades 6-8, Special Areas/ Special Education, and Support Staff. Multiple representations are acceptable.

Health & Safety

Meet with the superintendent in the beginning of the year to inspect the building. Bring up any issues that members have conveyed about building concerns.  Work with the superintendent and BA to correct the concerns.


Shall follow procedures set forth in the existing contract.

b. The committee shall consist of no less than three members, one of whom is the chairperson.        


A membership chair (Vice President) will keep membership list up to date. He/she  will also keep the PAC fund up to date that each member as suggested donate to that fund.

Professional Development

There is a chair, Secretary, and two members that look over the professional Plan as well as the mentoring plan each year and update accordingly. Also the committee will be sure to follow up each September to be sure the mentoring plan is being followed.


The Chair works with the philanthropic committee reviewing and approving philanthropic community endeavors.